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Founded in 2005, is our corner of the internet, an online community that's friendly but not so nice that we tolerate idiots. Membership has declined but a dedicated core userbase continues to visit daily and world domination beckons should that be possible with no effort from us at all.

Originally named Plastic Brilliance, the need for a new name arose in 2008. After lots of debate the name Foxystoat was chosen.
Inspiration for the name comes from the BBC TV comedy "Bottom". See this clip: Bottom on Youtube

Forum Rules

We don't really have any beyond what should be obvious. If you do cross a line, the offending post(s) will be removed, an admin or moderator will tell you why, and we'd expect you not to do it again. We reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason, though we never have and hopefully never will.

If you are unsure about what is seen as acceptable behaviour on a forum, feel free to read up on netiquette, or contact one of the moderators/administrators.

Guidelines for Posting Images

Some people read the forum at work, and don't want to accidentally click on a thread containing inappropriate images.

We have a restricted access forum where "NSFW" (not safe for work) posts are acceptable. You can join by applying via "Settings > Permission Groups".

All other forums should be kept "clean" where possible, though you can post NSFW threads in any subforum as long as the title includes [NSFW].

If you post a NSFW image in an existing thread that doesn't have [NSFW] in the title, don't embed the image, make it a link instead and surround it with the :NSFW: smiley.

Avoid hotlinking images from other sites, it only takes a moment to rehost on imgur. Often you aren't aware that the image doesn't display for people who don't have a cookie from the site you visited.

We recommend for hosting images. You don't need to sign up, and it provides a BBCode link that already has the forum tags added.

Avatars are visible in all forums so anything non-worksafe is not allowed.

If in doubt, we recommend you ask a moderator/admin before posting.

Users are reminded that by clicking "quick links" at the top of the page, and then "edit options", they can turn off the display of avatars and/or images if they are considered inappropriate for your current location.

Serious Discussions

If a thread is tagged "Serious", it is moderated with higher standards than the rest of the board.

Personal insults are not allowed in such threads, and swearing in general is discouraged.

How come I'm not receiving any mail from Foxystoat?

Spam is a big problem for a lot of email services these days. Unfortunately the measures put into place to prevent spam sometimes also filter out wanted mails.
Unfortunately these measures can also affect mails being sent by Foxystoat. A service like Hotmail/Live mail is known to mark mails from Foxystoat as "junk".

If you are expecting a mail from Foxystoat, for instance when a password is being sent to you, please make sure you also look in the junk/spam folders of your email account.

If you are a registered member and not receiving any mails, not even in your spam folder, please make sure that you have entered your correct email address in your details.
Also make sure that receiving of emails is not disabled in your options.

If despite the actions mentioned above, you're still not receiving mail from Foxystoat, please use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page.

The management

These people run Foxystoat:

We currently have 5 forum admins...

Sicario founded the site and pays the bills
1-X does day to day stuff, fixing things, installing updates etc
Maladoni was left here after cuts to 'care in the community' ;)
Robin ascended to a higher plane of existence and remains eminently reasonable
creepandpeep usually has a headache but will do the supernerdy techy stuff like major upgrades.

Former admin skiddy gets a mention for being co-founder. He drops by occasionally.

Moderators are generally delegated to each subforum. Currently they are...

Ste - all forums
Tomkat - FMD
Deffeh - Sport
ASG - Media
LivingDeadGirl - Travel

If you have questions, feel free to send these guys a message.

Let me out of here!

You do not want to be part of our community any more? We're superficially sorry to hear that.

Simply leave your account unused as you may wish to return to it in future. If you want your account removed, you should contact one of the admins (see "The management")

Please also consider the option to disable receiving emails from Foxystoat if you are simply looking for a moment of peace and quiet. Email options can be found in the options section of your profile.

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